Monkey Bowl Lite - Free Bowling Fun in the Jungle App Reviews

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This game is tish don't get it is$#!|


So so gameplay which leads to ad for paid games.

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I thought it was going to be the best game but it is stupid

Hang On to your iTouch while playing this one

Game is OK The sounds great


You don't even get to bowl

Zero star

Really bad app fix it waist of time...

Terrible 

This is one of the worst things Ive downloaded. It's much stupider than it looks. If you want a bowling game get Action Bowling or Midnight Bowling. Both are very good and realistic. This game is . 


This is not a very good app at all. I thought it looked fun wen I got it but when I downloaded it I played it once then deleted it. It's not very accurate and you can't see what pins are up when you are ready to bowl you have to guess where they are.• this app is a load of. • Don't get it. You may like it but I sure didn't.

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